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Virtual Classes

It’s that time of year! Time to get on your bike – to get around, to get fresh air, and to have some fun. To help you get the most from your bike now, and when you return to the office, sign up for the following virtual (Zoom) classes for expert instruction and Q&A. Register for each free class. It’s quick and easy!

Best Bike for You
Wednesday, April 21, noon PDT
In-depth information of all types of bikes and components and how to determine what’s best for different needs.


Best E-Bike For You
Thursday, April 29, noon PDT
In-depth information on all types of e-bikes, battery range, classifications and regulations, and how to determine what’s best for you.


Bikes as Transportation
Wednesday, May 5, noon, PDT
Best practices for using bikes for transportation, including route planning, equipment and gear, proper use of lights and locks, and how to ride safely in traffic.


Basic Bike Maintenance
Thursday, May 13, noon, PDT
Detailed information on home bike maintenance including tires, brakes and chain wear and care, wheel adjustments, and when to take your bike to the shop for repair.


Fix a Flat
Wednesday, May 19, noon, PDT
Detailed information and demo of the various types and causes of flats, how to repair them and how to properly inflate tires.


Shop for a Bike

At a time when it’s hard to find bikes, we have them in stock in the Bay Area. Click here to find one!

1:1 Bike Support

Do you have questions about biking? You’re not alone! We’re happy to help with any questions you might have, like how to ride safely, route planning, maintenance, and purchasing bikes and accessories.

Submit Your Questions

Please submit your questions below or email us at One of our Bike Program Coordinators will email you asap!

Bike Bingo – win $500!

Join the Bike Bingo challenge for a chance to win a $500 gift card on the Bikes Make Life Better online bike shop. Bike Bingo is a fun way to complete easy bike-related challenges – some while on your bike. Fill each square by doing a bike-related activity and when you have a Bingo, submit it with a photo to be entered to win the grand prize. Download and print this card now to get started.


Ready to submit your entry?

Please fill out the form below or email us your bingo card and photo or video at

Q: What is gRide?
A: gRide is the name of the transportation department at Genentech, SSF which provides a variety of commute options to employees at Genentech.

Q: What is Oyster Point Mobility?
A: Oyster Point Mobility is a suite of transportation options available to employees commuting to and from the Oyster Point business district in SSF.
Q: Who is eligible to participate in these activities and/or buy a discounted bike?
A: Anyone who works in the Oyster Point area is eligible!
Q: Why are Oyster Point Mobility and gRide teaming up with Bikes Make Life Better to do this?
A: Not only do OPM & gRide strongly encourage Oyster Point employees to commute using bikes, but also riding a bike is great for exercise, wellbeing, and the environment! Additionally, May is BIKE MONTH and we want all employees to be supported during this amazing time.

Bikes Make Life Better
is dedicated to helping employees at large organizations use bikes for healthy sustainable transportation.